Why Whispers

Renovated Office Furniture

Why Whispers Office Furniture?


Because Whispers Office Furniture is Your Environmental Solution.

Because Whispers Office Furniture are a YES company, always here to help, we don't understand NO when customer Satisfaction is the goal.

Because you can consider the Whispers Office Furniture team as part of your facilities or logistics team, without increasing your overheads.

Because the Whispers Office Furniture team don't just promise to deliver ... we really deliver our promise, every time.

Because EVERYTHING that Whispers Office Furniture offer REALLY  is available from stock, TODAY, as we don't advertise non existent stock to try and get your attention.

Because the Whispers Office Furniture Team offer twenty-five years of real experience in supplying high quality "As New", pre-owned office furniture from the worlds leading Manufacturers. Combine this with an industry recognised unrivaled  level of customer service and exceptional value for your money, and that makes Whispers Office Furniture your obvious choice!

Because the Whispers Office Furniture ethos is very simply based around helping our environment by reselling up to 99% of all furniture sourced to help avoid thousands of tonnes of landfill each year. When you buy high quality recycled office furniture from us, we help save your money and you help save your planet.

Because the Whispers Office Furniture client bank, which stretches from Inverness in the North to the Isle of Wight in the South, encompasses many one man owner driven businesses, SME, local government and corporate  bodies as well as many well-known FTSE 100 PLC's. Our unrivaled reputation for exceptional customer service is maintained through a team who continuously strive to exceed every clients expectation, every time, by providing the same unrivaled customer service level whether the customer spends £50, or £500,000.

Isn't it time that you tried the Whispers Office Furniture customer experience, you'll be glad that you did.

Contact Whispers Office Furniture, you know it makes sense.