Ask an expert in the area of ‘Office Storage Solutions’ and the same names keep popping up, Bisley, Haworth, Steelcase and Triumph.

There is a reason for this: –

These companies continually strive to improve historically reliable steel products, whilst introducing new innovative solutions to the problem of expensive and ever decreasing floorspace.

Tambour cupboard doors, for example, slide and retract smoothly to optimise space, whilst ollowing access to the entire cupboard offering practical storage solutions for any office.

The tambour doors recede smoothly into the cabinet carcass leaving office aisles and walkways unobstructed.

Tambour cupboards cater for all your filing and storage needs without compromising on style.

Whispers Office Furniture offer high quality, pre-owned ‘Steel Office Storage’ from all of the leading manufacturers at substantial savings on cost, when new.

Whispers Office Furniture do not supply any Chinese or Malaysian steel products as the quality of manufacture does not meet our clients demands.

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