Ahrend, Giroflex, Hayworth Comforto, Herman Miller, Humanscale, Kinnarps, Orangebox, Steelcase, and Vitra  –  What have these names got in common?

To put it simply, these companies are the first port of call by the Facilities, and/or Occupational Health management of the worlds leading businesses when sourcing additional, or replacement innovative office chairs to meet the ever increasing demands of their biggest customer…. their staff.

Do these people know something you don’t?

Yes they know that the products offered by these manufacturers will definitely meet their needs.

They also know that office seating products, from any of the manufacturers outlined above are expensive. This however is secondary to these experts, as Occupational Health is No 1 when it comes to ensuring ultimate performance for their PLC shareholders, from their staff.

An expensive office chair also says… we like you, we value you, we want you to stay with our company.

Whispers Office Furniture is offering your business the opportunity to compete with these Multinationals in the employment stakes, by offering your team the same high quality office chairs that the multinationals offer. We will, on average, save you around 75% on the new RRP and nobody will know they’re refurbished, not new!!

We also offer an unrivalled “Lifetime of User” mechanical component warranty on our refurbished chairs.