Used Verco Ergoform office chair

Whispers Refurbished 'As New' Price £95.00 excl. of VAT

Whispers Refurbished 'As New' Price £114.00 Incl. of VAT

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Verco Ergoform High Back Ergonomic Operator Chair.

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Used Verco Ergoform High Back Ergonomic Office Chair

Verco have worked closely with ergonomics experts to design this office chair which offers excellent spine and pelvic support. The used Verco Ergoform office chair is a great addition to your office furniture.

The Ergoform chair helps the spine settle in its natural ‘S’ shape curvature when the user sits down. This is due to the shaping of the backrest, designed for optimum natural support. This in turn, supports the pelvic area – reducing the rotation of the pelvis which occurs when a user sits down.

This award-winning chair provides a high level of comfort. Its support system ensures users are likely to experience less back pain during the many hours they spend at workstations.

Many illnesses have been blamed on the lack of physical activity . This is why posture support during long hours of sitting has become increasingly important.

The Verco Ergoform High Back Ergonomic Operator Chair is a perfect tool to promote healthy workplace seating.

A VAT receipt is provided with all our products.

Free of charge delivery to mainland UK (sorry, we’re unable to supply to Northern Ireland).

Ergoform Chairs

Ergoform chairs are certified to European Ergonomic industry standards.

Verco has strong ergonomic credentials to promote user health and well-being. These credentials give it  a strong environmental focus on its chair designs.

Consideration has been given at all stages to minimise the impact on the environment. All chairs comply with a range of environmental legislation.

Verco use specific materials in the design and production to help reduce the environmental impact of the range of chairs.

In addition to the health and well-being aspects of the chair for both user and the environment, the Vergo Ergoform is also a very stylish piece of furniture. The Ergoform will show the end user that they’re valued as it adds a touch of class to any office.

Why Whispers?

With an RRP of more than £500.00 for a brand new chair, Whsipers Office Furniture can guarantee you huge savings.

We guarantee this because we only refurbish quality office furniture that will survive the modern office environment.

Another positive feature of purchasing recycled office furniture is the obvious fact that you are reducing your carbon footprint.


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