Used RH400 Logic office chair

Whispers Refurbished 'As New' Price £210.00 excl. of VAT

Whispers Refurbished 'As New' Price £252.00 Incl. of VAT

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RH400 Logic used office chair.

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Were you to create an office chair which is right for your body you would create the RH 400 Logic.

The flexibility of the RH 400 Logic and its outstanding durability sets this chair apart from all others.

The RH 400 Logic is a Task Chair that has been specifically created for use in all environments where ergonomic excellence and people performance are key to success.

The RH 400 Logic is also among the very best of environmentally sound chairs available. This makes an even more compelling argument for purchasing one.

The RH 400 Logic has an infinitive range of adjustments due to the “standard” features designed with you in mind.

The result is a multi functional office chair that helps you to perform better throughout your working day

Seat height and depth can be adjusted quickly and simply as the controls, which  are marked with pictograms, to make them easy to
understand,  can be accessed whilst seated.

The correct seat height & angle settings improve blood flow and provides
better support.

The lumbar provides extra support for the lower back and, consequently, for the entire back, and the Lumbar pump adjusts the amount of air in
a lumbar cushion, providing extra support.

The tilt mechanism resistance is simply adjusted according to body weight
and height, and this allows the chair to follow your movements without the need to exert muscular force to push the chair into new

The control wheel is located on the left side beneath the seat.

This refurbished RH 400 Logic Fully Ergonomic Operator Chair, offered by the Whispers Office Furniture Sales Team,  has original factory height, and width, adjustable arms.

The RH400 Logic Used Office Chair is always popular with any customers where specific orthopaedic problems demand a specialist task chair.

Please feel free to contact us for further details.

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