Steelcase Office Furniture Buy One Get Another One at 50% OFF (Whilst Stock Lasts)

Used Steelcase Office Furniture Discount

January 2018 is Steelcase month at Whispers, buy any refurbished Steelcase product, during January 2018 and get 50% discount on a second equivalent, or cheaper, product…

This offer is solely limited to COD orders received, delivered, and paid for, in January 2018! There is no upper limit to volume of any single initial order, and for every product you buy at full price you can have another equivalent, or cheaper, at half price whilst stock lasts.

steelcase buy one get one 50% off

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Social Responsibility

The Whispers Office Furniture aim as an organisation, is to encourage reduction of waste within the Corporate World by recycling, refurbishing, and re-using high quality Office Furniture.

This is achieved through a re-cycle management service to help our clients give something back through an ethical, and environmentally friendly use of high quality Used Office Furniture.

Whispers Office Furniture introduce a valuable sustainable ‘second life’ to redundant high quality Office Furniture through our “As New” refurbishment center. We recycle, refurbish and re-use 95% of the furniture we source from UK corporate clients by providing affordable access to high quality products. Thiswill enable both smaller and larger businesses to improve their performance in the workplace.

The Whispers Office Furniture business model saves UK Corporate businesses money by reducing the total cost of ownership life. Whilst re-cycling provides affordable high quality Industry Standard Office Furniture to developing businesses, it also enhances your corporate responsibility credentials, creating a genuine “Win-Win” for all parties involved

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For the first time ever, Whispers Office Furniture have a stock of eight designer Chairs from Thonet. The used Thonet office chair (the Thonet A900) is an aluminium framed conference chair designed by Foster & Partners, a London Based, world renowned architectural, and furniture designer.

A member of the Whispers sales team commented ‘ in 25 years working with designer office furniture I had heard of the Thonet A900 Chairs, but have never actually seen one in the flesh. Now we have eight of them in stock and I suspect it may be a further 25 years before I see any more!’

Seat colour of your choice

Whispers Office Furniture are pleased to advise that on our High Quality Used Mesh Back Chairs, we can refurbish the seat pad to match your corporate identity. It can be refurbished in an office seat colour of choice, from either the Camira Fabrics Advantage, or Phoenix fabric range.

Where your chosen product has both cloth seat and back pad we can refurbish in your single colour choice, or in your dual colour choice, from either the Camira Advantage, or Phoenix colour range.

Whispers Used Office Storage Units

Ask an expert in the area of ‘Office Storage Solutions’ and the same names keep popping up, Bisley, Haworth, Steelcase and Triumph.

There is a reason for this: –

These companies continually strive to improve historically reliable steel products, whilst introducing new innovative solutions to the problem of expensive and ever decreasing floorspace.

Tambour cupboard doors, for example, slide and retract smoothly to optimise space, whilst ollowing access to the entire cupboard offering practical storage solutions for any office.

The tambour doors recede smoothly into the cabinet carcass leaving office aisles and walkways unobstructed.

Tambour cupboards cater for all your filing and storage needs without compromising on style.

Whispers Office Furniture offer high quality, pre-owned ‘Steel Office Storage’ from all of the leading manufacturers at substantial savings on cost, when new.

Whispers Office Furniture do not supply any Chinese or Malaysian steel products as the quality of manufacture does not meet our clients demands.

Please contact us for further information.

Whispers Office Chairs

Ahrend, Giroflex, Hayworth Comforto, Herman Miller, Humanscale, Kinnarps, Orangebox, Steelcase, and Vitra  –  What have these names got in common?

To put it simply, these companies are the first port of call by the Facilities, and/or Occupational Health management of the worlds leading businesses when sourcing additional, or replacement innovative office chairs to meet the ever increasing demands of their biggest customer…. their staff.

Do these people know something you don’t?

Yes they know that the products offered by these manufacturers will definitely meet their needs.

They also know that office seating products, from any of the manufacturers outlined above are expensive. This however is secondary to these experts, as Occupational Health is No 1 when it comes to ensuring ultimate performance for their PLC shareholders, from their staff.

An expensive office chair also says… we like you, we value you, we want you to stay with our company.

Whispers Office Furniture is offering your business the opportunity to compete with these Multinationals in the employment stakes, by offering your team the same high quality office chairs that the multinationals offer. We will, on average, save you around 75% on the new RRP and nobody will know they’re refurbished, not new!!

We also offer an unrivalled “Lifetime of User” mechanical component warranty on our refurbished chairs.

Whispers Office Furniture

The ethos at Whispers Office Furniture is purely one which satisfies a market. It demands only high quality “as New”, pre-owned office furniture from all leading UK, European and worldwide respected manufacturers. This combined with exceptional customer service and real value for money, whilst helping reduce the waste levels within our industry, and benefits the ecological system of our planet .

The friendly, professional Whispers Office Furniture team can offer an unrivalled level of product knowledge and expertise across many spectrums. This includes floor planning, environmental solutions, health & safety and suitability for use, gained over 25 years in the ‘Premier Office Furniture Industry’ field, to ensure that you utilise the right product to meet your company’s needs.

Whispers Office Furniture stock an un-paralleled level of high quality, “As New” office furniture from leading manufacturers, to ensure that we have what you need today, tomorrow, and everyday moving forward.

Whispers Office Furniture offer a simple, stress free, financially astute solution to meet your office furniture requirements.

What is Kinnarps 6000 FreeFloat?

 Kinnarps 6000 FreeFloat Mechanism

FREEFLOAT™ is a tilting mechanism that encourages movement. The seat and the backrest of the chair follow your movements independently of each other. FreeFloat mechanism seats can be tilted forward and backwards also the chair resistance is adapted to by your your body weight. For additional comfort the Kinnarps 6000 FreeFloat office task chair can be locked into any position.

Used Kinnarps 6000 freefloat office chair

Whispers office furniture have hundreds of these very comfortable chairs in stock.  We refurbish these well designed Kinnarps 6000 task chairs to an “as new” condition.

Kinnarps 6000 office chairs are an incredibly solid design. As a result of superior design we offer these chairs with a life time of ownership warranty on mechanical parts. Our customers are offered these chairs in any colour combination of material of their choice.

Buy the kinnarps 6000 task chair here

Read what Kinnarps have to say about Free-Float

100+ Kinnarps 6000 series chairs in today

We have taken delivery of 106 Kinnarps 6000 used operator chairs. They are scheduled for refurbishment over the next couple of weeks. If you require these chairs we can cover them in the material or colour of your choice.


We believe these to be one of the best office chairs money can buy. Due to their outstanding design and build quality, we are offering our life time guarantee on these chairs.

These used Kinnarps 6000 task chairs are available for delivery UK mainland immediately if required